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SILVERS Series Sessions

Older Americans, particularly those who are isolated, can easily fall victim to scams, abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Lackawanna County Elder Justice Multidisciplinary Team, known as EJMDT, is comprised of professionals who work together to collaboratively address elder justice issues in Lackawanna County. Members of the team include social workers, medical professionals, lawyers, members of the banking industry and representatives of nonprofit organizations who focus on meeting the needs of older Americans.


The EJMDT looks at issues across systems to more completely and more effectively detect, prevent and mitigate elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. The EJMDT seeks to educate the community, to identify improvements in system practices and to craft and share solutions to problems effecting older Americans.

The goal of the EJMDT is to arm older members of our community and their families and caretakers with knowledge to make choices that protect themselves from what can be devastating events. With education, older adults and the community at large will know that there are resources to intervene and support older adults if they find themselves in difficult situations.

To empower and educate older members of our community and their caretakers, the EJMDT has developed the 2022 S.I.L.V.E.R.S. Series. The SILVERS Series is a monthly educational event that will help to ensure our seniors are Involved, Liberated, Vigilant, Educated, Resourced and Savvy. The Series offers life lessons for older adults on a wide-ranging variety of topics.

Topics in the series include getting and staying connected, safely using transportation, life transitions, lifelong planning, aging in place, abuse, scams and exploitation. Feedback from participants regarding future topics will be solicited.

The series is open to any community member. It will be particularly helpful to older adults, family members and caregivers of older adults, and those looking to plan for their own senior years. Professionals seeking to gain information they can share with those they serve are also invited to attend.

While the series will begin virtually, we hope to transition to in-person presentations in coming months. The series will be recorded whenever possible, to allow flexibility to those wanting to access this series via the internet or for later presentations to groups. Each session will be recorded and found on this page.

EJMDT members planning the series include Kerri Anzulewicz, protective services program administrator at Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging; Attorney Nancy Barrasse, solicitor, Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging; Attorney Pamela Janus, special projects coordinator, Lackawanna Pro Bono, Inc.; and Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Cathy Tully.

To register or for more information, email

Previously Recorded Virtual Sessions



Originally Recorded on 2/24



Originally Recorded on 3/24

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