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The Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging now offers all residents of Lackawanna County free C-Screen Rating Reports to help make informed decisions when choosing someone to provide care to yourself or a loved one. Call 570-963-6740 to request a C-Screen Report today!

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What is C-Screen?

C-Screen a rating system and technology platform that rates employer screening practices.

Why is this important?

Employer screening practices can vary and until now, there was never a way to compare one company’s screening practices to another. Employers with more robust screening practices tend to attract higher caliber employees and provide better service.

Further, there is a lack of uniform Federal and State laws mandating minimum employee background screening requirements, especially in the healthcare and contracted service industries.

How is the Rating calculated?

The C-Screen Rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that considers a company’s employment, background, and drug screening practices. The algorithm is specific to each industry and is based on best practices. Screening practices are weighted differently for each industry. For example, home health company screening practices are much different than construction.

Do you publish the details on how the C-Screen Rating is calculated?

The C-Screen Rating system is proprietary, and we do not disclose how the information is weighted in the calculation.

Is C-Screen a user review site like Yelp or Angie’s List?

C-Screen Ratings are based on evidenced-based information and a mathematical algorithm, not user reviews.

Why are there 5-Star category ratings in addition to the C-Screen Rating?

Each main category (employment, background, and substance abuse) has a 0-5 Star rating to give consumers a quick view at the categories that are important to them. The C-Screen Rating is the overall numeric rating. A score of "R" means they refused to participate.

Can employers exaggerate their screening practices and thus inflate their score?

Employers must complete and electronically sign an authorization form confirming that the information provided is accurate. Further, we contact each employer to review their profile submission.

How can employers increase their C-Screen rating?

Employers can increase their C-Screen Rating by implementing additional screening practices.


What is the “as of” date on a C-Screen Report?

Employers may start or stop screening practices for various reasons. Requesting an updated report is the best way to ensure you are receiving current information from the employer.

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